The company

The ETIC company was created in 1995 and first specialized in the drawing of copper, then, in subsequent years, the company diversified its activities particularly in 1999 when the company started precision cutting.

Building on its success and attentive to a growing market demand, the company regularly invested in new increasingly accurate and highly efficient tools, so as to expand the range of possibilities in the field of completion. In 2009, the area dedicated to production doubled.

Thanks to its new capabilities, ETIC can now expand its activities to the international market and is now the preferred supplier of many companies in Europe, North Africa, and in Asia

The supply of raw material as well as a large, always available stock of parts are essential to provide a high quality service even at short notice. ETIC thus joined the COPPER/BRICO LOGISTIC group which is specialized in supplying non-ferrous metals all over France, which guarantees all the means required by its development.

ETIC can guarantee that you will get metals of the highest possible quality, which means that what you provide and install will last a long time.

Our values

Because we are attentive to our customers’ needs, we will provide accurate and practical solutions which will meet your needs. Our team will be able to answer your request within 24 hours and offer you the most appropriate solution, whether it is a technical or a financial one. The quality of our organization and of our equipment enable us to guarantee a quick action and that we will respect our promise.

Our customers

We work with many customers from various areas such as electrical industry, air conditioning, taps and sanitary fittings, petro chemistry, plugs and cable connectors, but also the medical field, shipbuilding, or the automotive industry…All our customers will get the best results because of the precision of our work. However high their standards are, ETIC has always been flexible and has always met its customers’ expectations.

Respect for our environment

In addition to being used in renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic energy, copper is very easy to recycle. Thus copper can be 100% recycled, so using it generates very little waste.

Even more so, because copper can be found in the nature, it is completely safe for humans. Copper is not subject to the RoHs and Reach directives.



49 years old.

Has been the CEO of ETIC Tubes et Profilés / COPPER Distribution / BRICO LOGISTIC Group since it was created, 21 years of experience in business management.



54 years old.

Business operations manager, created ETIC in 1995; 28 years of experience in metal processing and completion.


Quentin Bapaume
26 years old.

Mechanical engineer INSA Lyon Productive specialty



40 years old.

In charge of production scheduling and quality. 15 years of experience in scheduling, quality and logistics

By choosing ETIC, you have the guarantee that our answer your needs will meet the ISO 9001 - 2015 standard

Do not hesitate to contact us for information about your needs!