Air conditioning

Our pipes are used for refrigeration, air conditioning and climate control. The resistance and the quality of our metals, our respect of the EN12735 standards make us the ideal partners of these companies.


Copper and its alloys, stainless steel have been used to build ships for several centuries: fittings, rigging. On top of being ornamental and nice looking, copper offers outstanding corrosion resistant properties. Generally, copper alloys can meet any requirement in the marine environment: sailing, seawater desalination plants, hydraulic pipes, offshore oil rigs, (Cupro-nickel, Cupro-aluminum…).

Medical field

Our pipes are also used in the medical field. They are the perfect choice for the companies which supply medical gas and suction systems. As we use the most modern technologies to manufacture them, they enable the companies to supply gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, refrigerant fluid, HCFC, HCF)…and more generally air.We use high purity copper which has natural bactericide powers and enables us to reduce contamination. It also greatly helps to fight nosocomial infections in hospitals (trolleys, running water taps, door handles, swing doors plates…)

Electrical industry and telecommunications

Due to its conductive properties, copper is the most frequently used material for the transportation of electricity and the communications. Even today, in the age of the digitization of telecommunications, copper cables and other components are still essential for all the technologies and equipment using wireless communications. Copper is thus essential in these areas.
Copper is still an essential component for cars (battery terminals, shunts, alternators,…)because of its features and its effectiveness. It will continue to be used in the future because of the increase in the sales of electric vehicles.

Respect for our environment

In addition to being used in renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic energy, copper is very easy to recycle. Thus copper can be 100% recycled, so using it generates very little waste.Even more so, because copper can be found in the nature, it is completely safe for humans. Copper is not subject to the RoHs and Reach directives.

By choosing ETIC, you have the guarantee that our answer your needs will meet the ISO 9001 - 2015 standard

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