In order to meet our customers’ industrial needs, our company has a well-equipped completion workshop with 27 machines which enable us to offer additional high-precision operations such as:


High-precision cutting provides a perfect tolerance threshold with your lengths from 5/100th (0.05 mm) so that we can guarantee a high standard of sawing and the respect of the geometry (parallelism of the sides, perpendicularity, ovalization…).


This operation enables us to create an angle (generally 45° to 60°) by removing material and thus eliminate the sharp and brittle edges of the pipe if necessary.


Thanks to the top quality of our tools, we can guarantee that the drillings on your pipes are accurate, however high your quality standards may be.


The shrinkage is a technique which enables to reduce the diameter of the round pipes up to 500 mm in length, it is quick and accurate and does not generate any metal loss.

Surface treatment

A surface treatment (tinning, galvanizing, chromium plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating etc.) is intended to protect or improve the appearance of the exterior surface of a part. In certain circumstances, it can increase its service life or its electrical characteristics (conductivity).


The objective of bending is to give one or several angles, a bend to a pipe, a bar or a profile.


The objective of trimming is to eliminate the burrs and the metal shavings generated when cutting. These scraps might adversely affect our processes


The flare enables us to enlarge the diameter of the pipes by creating a flange or a swelling so as to make it easier to insert another part.


The objective of brazing is to put together metal parts by adding some metal (brazing rod, ring or paste) the melting temperature of which is lower than that of the parts to put together.

Flow forming

The objective of flow forming is to close a pipe with a bullet shaped seal, this operation is carried out without heat and enables us to reach a perfect sealing by possibly adding a brazing point.


The principle of stamping is based on the distortion of the metal we use. We manage to obtain the desired shape through local elongation or shrinkage.

Laser cutting

Using a laser enables us to make innovative cuts and find innovative technical solutions on different metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass. In some cases, this technology enables us to avoid buying cutting or drilling tools.

By choosing ETIC, you have the guarantee that our answer your needs will meet the ISO 9001 - 2015 standard

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